Nokia Launches Low-End Lumia 505

Nokia has been adding many new releases to its portfolio of Windows Phone handsets. Although in major markets such as U.S., the company has stuck to standard releases, it has been dishing out more exclusive devices for developing markets. The release of a low-end Lumia 505 handset is apparently the latest episode of this strategy.

Nokia Lumia 505

The launch of low-end and more affordable Lumia handsets in developing markets is apparently a bid by Nokia to bolster the sales of its Lumia devices. More pricey Lumia devices such as Lumia 910 may not gain traction in such markets due to their high price points.

The latest in the league of low-end handsets dished out by the company is Nokia Lumia 505. The handset will be available with Telcel in Mexico and packs fairly modest specifications. It has a 3.7-inch AMOLED display which clocks at a resolution of 800 x 480.

The company didn’t divulge what processor goes under the hood of Lumia 505, but we are sure it would be nothing fancy. With 256MB of internal memory and 4GB of storage space, the device packs just enough for a basic phone.

The limelight of the device is probably the 8-megapixel rear camera. The major disadvantage for Windows Phone fans, though, is that the Lumia 505 handset arrives with Windows Phone 7.8 and can’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.

Still, the device is a good starting point for someone who is just taking a shot at the Windows Phone platform. The price of the device is also unknown but we can rest assured that it is going to be quite affordable.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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