Nokia Lumia 710 Releases With T-Mobile On Jan 11

There has been a round of speculation as to whether or not Nokia will seal the deal with T-Mobile to make it the default carrier for Nokia Lumia 710. The deal was finally confirmed a while ago and now Nokia has also announced the release date of the device which is January 11, 2012. The price that Nokia is pitching, on a 2-year-contract bundle package, is $49.9 for the mobile, together with some other conditions.

Eminent features of Nokia Lumia 710:
Nokia Lumia comes with a powerful Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS, which makes the user experience lot more fun and easy. It has a 5 mp camera and has support for voice-based search. It is available in two colors, black and white.

The device comes with a number of built-in apps and coming from Microsoft, it isn’t a surprise that it includes the latest version of IE, the Internet Explorer 9. Nokia claims that the internet speed on the device is much more faster with it’s 4G connection. The size of the device of the device is not too large and it’s easy to carry and fit into the pocket. Moreover, the touch of the exterior is pretty good, with its rounded edges and a rubber-texture on the back to allow firm grasp.

The display uses ClearBlack Technology which makes videos crystal clear on bright moments and fairly dark in low-light scenes. The display has the three standard buttons, ‘Back, ‘Windows Home’ and ‘Search.’

The default home screen also contains a widget to Microsoft Marketplace app store, an app store that is rapidly growing and now contains more than 50,000 apps. You also get to have an option of subscribing to Microsoft’s Zune music by paying $10 per month and then listening and downloading unlimited tracks from the store.

The voice quality, the quality of the photos snapped by the 5-mp camera, everything is exceptionally good about this device. And while it doesn’t have a very high-spec hardware like many others smartphones in the market, it is the best you will get in the stated price.

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