Samsung Brings Two Exclusive Apps For Its Windows Phones

Samsung has interesting Windows Phone OEM and has shown support for Microsoft and its mobile platform as they focus on their Android Devices. Samsung offering up two new exclusive apps which are only available for a particular manufacturer’s device. This are the MangaCamera and Paper Artist, which are also available now for Samsung’s Windows Phones.

Paper Artist + MangaCamera

This both app are photo-related and gives your photos a cartoon-like effect. The MangaCamera is a fun camera app that turns your photos into cartoons and let you download additional frames to personalize your photos. And the Paper Artist turn photos into personalized works of art that seems like an artistic photo. The app also allow effects to be added to photos, like a watercolor-type effect.

The Paper Artist and MangaCamera works as image editors that offer unique and cool effects that can be applied to shots captured while on the go. Both the apps require Windows Phone 8 and are only available for Samsung ATIV hardware.

Source: Ubergizmo

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