The LG Thrive Available For AT&T’s GoPhone Prepaid Service

The LG Thrive does look exactly like the LG Phoenix. Thing is both are actually the same phone, except that the LG Phoenix is available postpaid from AT&T. The LG Thrive is also the first-ever smartphone available for AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid service. Thrive is strictly a prepaid handset. This means the Thrive is yet another addition to the LG Optimus line of entry-level Android phones, and looks and feels a lot like the rest of its affordable cousins.

Key Specifications: The LG Thrive is a slim and attractive Android 2.2 smartphone with Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, quad-band support, and a 3.2-megapixel camera.
Disadvantage:The LG Thrive can’t play Flash video in the browser, preloaded AT&T apps are not removable, and it does not have mobile hot-spot or data tethering capabilities. AT&T coverage can be a little spotty, and the GoPhone data plan is a little limiting.

The bottom line: The LG Thrive is a decent entry-level Android smartphone for the prepaid crowd, but its limited data plan encourages us to look elsewhere.

Other prepaid Optimus phones include the LG Optimus M and the LG Optimus V, but the Thrive is the first GSM model to be offered prepaid. It does require a GoPhone smartphone data package–$25 for 500MB, $15 for 100MB, or $5 for 10MB–which doesn’t seem like a lot. You might want another prepaid phone like the LG Optimus V if you want to save money on data. Still, for an entry-level product, we think the Thrive’s a good start for those who want to try out an Android phone without spending a lot of money. The LG Thrive is available for $179.99 without a contract.

As the LG Thrive is the same exact phone as the LG Phoenix, we’ll point you to the LG Phoenix review for most of the design and feature details; for this review, we’ll focus mostly on performance. The only exception is that the LG Thrive does not have mobile hot-spot capabilities or data tethering support, while the Phoenix does.

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