WhatsApp Brings Voice Messaging To All Apps

WhatsApp has been a roaring success across nearly all mobile platforms. The unique style of the app, together with the fact that it’s very light and lets you have instant conversations, has certainly contributed to its success. Now, WhatsApp is bringing the feature of voice messages to all its apps.


In its trademark fashion, the voice messaging feature on WhatsApp is going to be fairly unique and highly user-friendly. To be able to utilize the feature, you will be able to ‘push’ the voice message into the conversation.

Unlike many other web-based voice messaging services, WhatsApp’s voice message won’t come with any definite length-limits. This means that when recording a voice message on WhatsApp, you won’t have to hurry up on account of its length. Another excellent feature is that depending on your position with respect to the handset, the volume of voice message will be adjusted automatically.

A blue dot will appear on the voice recording interface, indicating that the person you sent the message to has listened to the recording. Currently, WhatsApp has a massive user base of 300 million active monthly users. With the voice messaging feature, it is expected that the app will be able to muster even more users over time.

Courtesy: Tech Radar

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