Yahoo Has Launched A New Portal To Search iOS And Android Apps

With millions of users using iOS and Android devices, there has been a huge surge in the apps developed for both kinds of devices. While Apple and Android both have their own official app stores, there are thousands of third-party apps available online for these devices. How can you look up these apps online? Yahoo! has provided a solution by launching a new search portal. This portal specifically lets you search applications for iOS and Android devices. You can browse them by category or their user rating.

The portal comes with a number of very useful options. For instance, you can search apps for iOS and Android devices across multiple platforms at the same time, through the portal. Moreover, you can browse apps by category, by their respective price or by the user rating. You can also sort the results on the basis of the specific mobile platform that the apps are designed for.

Another useful feature is that if you find an app that is useful and you may want to download it on your smartphone, you can easily send the information through the portal to your device. This way, you don’t have search for it again from your device.

You can also sort out the apps not only on that basis of mobile platform, but the on the basis of specific mobile phone. This lets you narrow down results so that you can immediately look up the apps that can be run on your particular phone.

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