Mozilla Finally Plans To Fix Private Browsing Bug In Firefox 20

Private browsing is a fairly important feature in modern-day web browsers. Whereas the likes of Google Chrome allow regular browsing and private browsing side by side, you can’t avail a similar setting in Mozilla Firefox apparently due to a bug. Now, the Mozilla team intends to fix this bug with the upcoming release of Firefox 20 in 2013.


The problem has persisted with the browser ever since 2008 when Mozilla first introduced the Private mode. As soon as you launch the Private mode, it launches a new window. At the same time, you are unable to access other windows open in the normal browsing mode.

So you can essentially access only the normal browsing mode or the private mode at a time. Unlike Google Chrome, you can’t use the two modes side by side. This is a major limitation on an otherwise excellent browser and has been hurting Firefox’s user base, given the fact that a number of other browsers offer the parallel functionality.

However, much to the relief of Firefox users, the Mozilla team is planning to improve on this front in Firefox 20. The limitation had been there apparently due to a bug which Mozilla will remove in the upcoming version of its browser.

Firefox 20 is arriving some time during 2013, so you still have to wait for a few months before you will be able to use both Private and Normal modes on Firefox at the same time.

Source: Bugzilla

Courtesy: Internet News

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