New Lime ChromiumOS Now Available

After a year of limbo, Hexxah finally returns to the land of the living with great news. The refreshing new version (Vanilla) ChromiumOS Lime is now available and comes packed with update goodies. ChromiumOS is a lightning-fast operating system for netbooks, laptops and desktop. HTML 5 and Flash are fully supported, so users can enjoy the best experience the web has to offer.

You probably want to know what’s so special about it. Well for starters, Hexxeh now provides Linux drivers, for a whole bunch of devices that the Vanilla build doesn’t get along with. In addition Lime supports Nvidia 6-series GPUs and Wi-Fi chips from Ralink, Realtek and Broadcom.

Another major benefit is that Lime ships with the Java plug pre-installed so users will be able to play games like Minecraft using this new operating system. Hexxah is looking for feedback from the community, so if you’re missing something or like a plug-in to be added somewhere, all you have to do is let him now. He’s also concentrating his best efforts working on a Mac and Windows based version of Chromium Lime builder tool. But we’re not exactly sure yet if his attempts will be successful!

And listen to this. You can run the ChromiumOS from your very own USB stick. Yes all you need is a 4GB USB, a computer of sorts and about 10 minutes of your time. Try it soon!

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