Screenshots Of Windows 8 System Reset Controls Leaked

Microsoft developers have apparently decided to develop a new feature called System Reset for Windows 8 desktop operating system. The most recent leak appeared first on a Chinese Windows news site. The screenshot shows part of a Control Panel applet called Restore this computer.

Folks over at Win7China (translated version) have leaked an image of Windows 8 System Reset feature. See below.

It displays two options, first to use System Restore to restore to a recent point in time, and second to restore the operating system to its original factory settings.

The second feature, called System reset, was already reported as one of the new Windows 8 features earlier this month.

It basically allows the Windows admin to reset the full operating system to the state right after initial installation. It was rumored earlier that the new System Reset feature could reset the system in 2 minutes.

More information on this Windows 8 feature –

This feature will remove all the software you have installed, and restore Windows to the default settings, however, you can choose whether to keep your user account information and personal files.

Either way this will be an interesting and welcome addition to Windows 8 and, while the operating system is still under development, and features may change, it will be interesting to see if it changes for the final version, due next summer.


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