Microsoft May Release Windows Blue In 2013 For Free

It’s no wonder that a company like Microsoft to start working on their future products far ahead in time. This is what happened in this case too. Microsoft has already started on its next version of Windows. According to reports, this time Microsoft will change the rules of the game. It can even offer the next Windows for free.

Windows 8

The next version of Windows is codenamed “Blue”. According to reports, it will address the most cited issues of Windows 8, and may take a radical shift away from Windows 8’s controversial user interface. Windows Blue won’t be an standalone operating system (OS). That is, users can upgrade to the new version from an earlier OS. And, Microsoft would keep the price substantially low, or can even make it free. The new iteration might come in mid-2013.

With Windows Blue, Microsoft may shift to a period software update model like Apple. That means, blockbuster launch campaigns for an individual OS would be dropped in future. Instead, users will get periodic updates of the OS.

Up to this end, the news is good for Windows users. But, the confusion is, whether Windows blue a service pack or a feature pack? Whatever it is, it is definitely not Windows 9. Don’t be surprised, if you see a name like Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.5.

Thanks to: ZDNet, Softpedia

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