Microsoft Says Windows 8 Is Ready For Retina-Display Like Screens

Microsoft seems very ambitious with its upcoming Windows 8. It has been gradually unveiling a number of really useful and advanced features in Windows 8. Now, Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will be scaled to fit neatly on different displays of tablets and other devices. It will also be scaled to fit finely on Retina-like displays. The announcement is quite significant since there are rumors that following in Apple’s footsteps, a number of vendors will be using Retina displays in upcoming devices.

According to Microsoft, the much-touted and much-anticipated Windows 8 will scale neatly on different screen resolutions. Given the fact that the OS is also supportive of multiple platforms, this could mean that Windows 8 may become a great choice for multiple vendors, multiple devices and multiple companies, apparently the very objective Microsoft aims to achieve.

So how will the company make Windows scale to multiple screen resolutions? This, it has been told, will be done by designing the UI elements and pixel density settings so that elements at 1366 x 768 will not be scaled. This resolution is important since it is the minimum resolution required to make use of the Metro-interface of Windows 8.

Across multiple displays, the OS will scale equally sharp and vivid graphics, without consideration for the pixel density of the display. In earlier versions of Windows, some sections of the interface are essentially chopped off when a display is low-resolution. However, with the minimum resolution requirement for Windows 8, any display with minimum hardware requirements will show it at 720p or higher.

It would seem that with an aim to reach so many platforms, Windows may be in a far better position to challenge Apple’s continued dominance, compared to Google who’s Android is not that old.

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