Support For Windows XP And Office 2003 Ends This Day Next Year

Microsoft has finally decided to pull the plug off Windows XP and Office 2003. On this day next year, Microsoft will formally end support for Windows XP and Office 2003.


The news could be devastating for many users, especially corporate ones, as Windows XP stands to be the second most used operating system in PCS, after Windows 7. Windows XP secures 38.7% market share of PC operating systems. Until last September, it was the most used PC operating system, before Windows 7 took the place.

According to Software management company Camwood, fewer than half of all large organizations have started to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7. A spate survey by IT specialist 1E reveals that less than “one in four companies had moved over to the newer Windows 7 operating system at the end of last year.”

According to Microsoft, enterprises should prepare 18 to 32 months before migrating to Windows 7 from Windows XP. That means, with less than 12 months in hand, businesses who haven’t upgraded from Windows XP are in a tough spot.

Source: Microsoft
Thanks to: Telegraph

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