Leaked Screenshot Shows Start Button In Windows 8.1 For The First Time

The Start button is coming back in Windows 8.1! That’s old news. The new thing is a screenshot that shows a Start button in a Windows 8.1 build. However, we’ve heard that the new Windows 8.1 Start button won’t behave exactly like the old ones.

Windows 8.1 desktop with Start button

After ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley hinted new details about the Start button, Paul Thrrott’s Supersite for Windows posted a screenshot of a Windows 8.1 desktop screen with a Start button. The Windows 8.1 Start button has taken back the same place where it resided for years. The looks have changed a bit to conform to the new Windows branding. Additionally, it has taken a place in the new Charms menu.

As Mary Jo has hinted, users will be able to boot to Desktop directly in Windows 8.1. The Milestone Preview (MP) build of Windows 8.1 has to means to turn off the Start button. But that could change, sources say.

However, there is still a twist. Mary Jo’s post also mentions that the new Start button won’t exactly work as the old ones. How it will differ, we don’t know yet.

Source: ZDNet, Supersite for Windows

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