Windows 8.1 Will Be Released As A Free Update

We have been hearing about Windows Blue for a while now. Recently, it was confirmed that its actual name is Windows 8.1 and it will not be a standalone OS. Rather, Microsoft has announced that Windows 8.1 will be served as a free update to Windows 8 and Windows RT users.

Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tami Reller, has stated that it will be ‘easy to get from the Windows start screen through the app store’ for the Windows 8 users. In other words, even late Windows 8 users wouldn’t miss out on the refresh, “This means that customers today who have Windows 8 or plan to buy a device in the near future can seamlessly get the advantages of Windows 8.1,” he added.

So far, Microsoft has been rather shy in announcing an exact release date for the update. However, speculations were abound that the company may be positioning it for a release in the holiday season this year.

From the information that has trickled down from Microsoft so far, Windows 8.1 wouldn’t be bringing a whole lot of major changes. Rather, the company has tried to refine the overall Windows 8 experience through this update. We’ve been told that the update will be able to improve battery life and performance of Windows 8 machines, while at the same time enhancing its visual appeal.

Microsoft may also include a few features specifically for businesses, so as to appeal to the corporate sector. It remains to be seen whether or not this upcoming update will help bolster the sales of Windows 8 licenses.

Courtesy: PCMag

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