Windows 8 Attracts Mild Interest, Witnesses Slow Adoption

Microsoft has been very hopeful of its own OS – Windows 8, which is kind of a revolutionary product from the company. It is based on an entirely new design philosophy and was expected to become an instant hit with its slick looks and Modern UI. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case in the light of fresh statistics.

Windows 8

When Microsoft released Windows 7, the OS was instantly popular among Windows users. Millions of copies of Windows 7 flew right off the shelves within days and in less than two weeks, the OS was on 3.6% PCs tracked by a research firm, Net Applications.

In comparison, Net Applications reveals, Windows 8 is a lot slower in picking up momentum. Users are quite reluctant in upgrading to the new OS which has resulted in a stunted growth of the OS after its release. After a number of weeks have elapsed since the launch of Windows 8, Net Applications registers its presence on PCs to be a mere 1.01% which is even lower than the growth Windows 7 made in the same span of time.

Interestingly, a number of users have cited that the primary reason for them not to upgrade is simply that Windows 7 is too good. They say that they are satisfied with Windows 7 and thus, don’t see the point in upgrading. The same sentiment was resounded in a survey carried out by Toluna QuickSurveys in October.

The survey included 2000 adult users from UK and its results divulged that only 14% of the surveyed users had decided to go with Windows 8 whereas 28% said that their favorite is Windows 7. Windows RT registered an even lower popularity with only 2% users preferring it over other operating systems.

These instances show that the adoption rate of Windows 8 is significantly slower as compared to Windows 7, and so is its popularity among Windows users. However, once Microsoft positions itself to offer better products and services with the Windows 8 platform, users may finally be enticed to switch to the new OS.

Courtesy: The Guardian

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