Windows 8 Features New Password Management Tool Windows Live ID With Trusted Platform Module

For the average netizen who has numerous accounts for his or her online life, remembering dozens of intricate passwords could become a chore. Limiting the options and using the same password over and over again for the mnemonic sake is one of the worse solutions. To avoid risks and to help managing and syncing passwords on multiple PCs, Windows 8 comes up with a much needed password management tool: Live ID.

Windows 8 introduces this new feature helping users to protect their digital identity with a convenient and secure option. After signing in with Windows Live ID, the user will be able to edit unique alphanumeric passwords for each account, to sync them on multiple trusted computers, and all they have to remember will be the Live ID password. Windows 8 will do the rest by ensuring the proper credentials will be sent to each website without any need to challenge the user’s memory. If at a later point some passwords need revisiting and editing, this option is also available from the credential manager.

This feature is not entirely new on the market. Services like 1Password and LastPass deliver the same option of using a unique master password to manage all the login information for multiple accounts and to sync them over multiple devices. However, Windows 8 delivers a bit more with Trusted Platform Module, which allows private keys storing.


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