Windows 8 May Land On Smaller Devices Eventually

In the past, we have been told on numerous occasions that Windows 8 may eventually arrive on smaller devices, such as mini-tablets. Although we haven’t seen real progress by the company to that end, Microsoft’s outgoing CFO, Peter Klein has reiterated the company’s ambition to take its new OS to smaller screens.

Windows 8

Currently, Windows 8 is not available on any device that has a display smaller than 10 inches. In fact, the only notable Windows 8 tablets in the market right now are those in the Surface line-up and they feature standard display sizes.

However, as the mini tablet market virtually overtakes the market of standard-sized tablets, it is only inevitable that Microsoft would want in. The likes of Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7 and iPad mini have proved that people are fairly happy with tablets featuring display sized at 7-inches or in the neighborhood.

So, it is not surprising that Klein has reiterated Microsoft’s ambition to bring Windows 8 to smaller screens eventually. This may also include products along the lines of wearable smart watches and such, an arena which is still to launch with possibilities of Apple preparing an iWatch and Samsung also readying its own counterpart.

While Microsoft’s officials have made the claim of making this move ‘soon’, we have been hearing this for a while. So when the company may actually act by it is anyone’s guess.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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