Windows Store Gets A Nook App From Barnes & Noble For Windows 8 & Windows RT

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble recently joined hands in a new venture. The venture aimed to bring a huge repository of digital content to Windows 8 users. Apparently, as a first step towards this goal, Barnes & Noble has now released a Nook app for both Windows 8 and Windows RT users.

Nook app for Windows 8

The joint venture which the two companies launched a while ago has seen a significant investment of $300 million from Microsoft. In return for this hefty investment, Microsoft owns a substantial share in the new subsidiary which is primarily managed by Barnes & Noble.

Is this Microsoft’s attempt to enter the e-book business, we can’t say. However, that is unlikely. On the contrary, the software giant seems trying to be self-sufficient in terms of e-books and similar digital content. That is precisely why the deal with Barnes & Noble is chiefly focused at providing Windows 8 and Windows RT users with a huge amount of books, newspapers, magazines and other readable digital content.

This is now possible with the new Nook app that Barnes & Noble has released for the Windows 8 and Windows RT users. The app is already available at the Windows Store and you can download it from right here.

At the same time, we can hope to see more such releases from Barnes & Noble in the coming days. The good thing is that this is a win/win situation not only for Barnes & Noble and Microsoft, but also for Windows users.

Source: Windows Store

Courtesy: CNET

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