Toshiba Brings The Update Versions Of Canvio 3.0, Canvio Basics 3.0 Portable HDD

Toshiba brings the updated version of its Canvio portable drive. Now this Canvio series comes with USB 3.0 so much faster backup. The previous version of the drive was announced last year and that was USB 2.0 connectivity. Toshiba Canvio 3.0 products have been designed and manufactured in accordance with Toshiba’s high quality product standards, incorporating the latest technology and user-interface, while ensuring best-in-class performance, quality and workmanship.
The new HDD now pre-loaded with Windows-based NTI BackupNow EZ software that will allow the user to backup to the cloud and the drive. So for this the user have to create an account with NTI BackupNow EZ to backup their files. For those who need more safety and love cloud storage technology should appreciate this feature. Toshiba has also refreshed their Canvio Basics series to include USB 3.0.

The newly Canvio 3.0 are priced at $89.99, $109.99 and $139.99 for the 500GB, 750GB and 1TB respectively. The Canvio Basics 3.0 are priced at $79.99, $99.99 and $129.99 for the 500GB, 750GB and 1TB respectively.
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