Creative ZEN Touch 2 8 GB Android Based MP3 And Video Player

With ZEN Touch 2 you can enjoy pure wireless audio streamed to your favorite Bluetooth headphones and speakers. At the touch of an onscreen icon you can also access the Internet. This means that you can share photos taken from the built-in camera through your favorite website or stay connected with your friends via e-mail–all on the go. This is an Amazon’s product review. Checkout more details bellow.

Product Features

  • Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) enabled, which lets you connect to the Internet on-the-go within any Internet hotspot
  • This means you can surf the net or log-on to your favorite webmail site and correspond via email.
  • The intuitive 3.2″ touch screen allows you to navigate with ease and responds to your every touch
  • Android 2.1 web browser with auto rotate and double-tap zoom features.
  • Built-in 2 MP camera lets you take photos and record videos.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 Wireless Technology works with all compatible stereo Bluetooth speakers & headphones such as the ZiiSound D5 & Creative WP-300.
  • * This means you can surf the net or log-on to your favorite webmail site and correspond via email.
  • Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) enabled, which lets you connect to the Internet on-the-go within any Internet hotspot.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Creative Labs
  • Model: 70PF254100111
  • Digital Storage Capacity: 8.0 GB
  • Color Name: Black
  • Battery Average Life: 25.0 Hours
  • Display: TFT
  • Display Size: 3.2 inches

Be Touched by Pure Wireless Enjoyment

The ZEN line of portable media players has long been associated with the highest quality in audio playback, and the Creative ZEN Touch 2 continues to uphold this standard. But that’s not all it offers. What makes this player truly stand out from the rest is that you can stream music wirelessly to compatible Bluetooth headphones or speakers such as Creative’s ZiiSound D5 and WP-300, and surf the Internet, too.

Featuring a built-in 2-megapixel camera and wireless LAN capability, you can capture high-resolution photos and videos and upload them to your favorite social media sites. Also, stay in touch with friends via e-mail with high-speed Wireless LAN and listen to your favorite music all at the same time–even on the move.

With ZEN Touch 2 being the first ZEN to incorporate the Android 2.1 operating system, you can now download a wide range of apps and games from the Internet. It also supports auto-rotate and double-tap screen zoom features to make viewing photos and playing games even more fun. The player stores up to 8 GB on its built-in memory, and also features a microSD slot for storing even more entertainment.

More Entertainment with Android

Download Android-compatible apps, games, and even e-books from the Internet. The Android 2.1 operating system also allows you to auto-rotate and double-tap zoom when enjoying your entertainment.

Vibrant 3.2-Inch Touchscreen Display

Navigate web pages and read e-books in comfort with the intuitive 3.2-inch touchscreen display that responds to your every touch. The display also has a high color count for more precise color gradation, giving you compellingly lifelike images.

Rotate Any Way You Want Built in Camera Bluetooth microSD Card Support

Rotate Any Way You Want

It’s now easier to see your photos in both portrait and landscape modes. Rotate them any way you want with the built-in automatic screen rotation feature. You can also download and play motion sensor games.

Create Photo Slideshows and Videos

The built-in 2-megapixel camera lets you take photos and record videos. Flip through photos with an easy swipe on the touchscreen. You can also view your photos in a slideshow or, if you prefer, as thumbnails.

Connect to your TV WLAN Built-in Speaker

Connect to Your TV with the Video-Out Feature

Enjoy your photos and videos in big-screen comfort on your TV with the video-out connector (available separately).

No Cords, No Hassle–Just Pristine Bluetooth Music

Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Pair the ZEN Touch 2 with Creative’s wireless speakers, such as the Creative ZiiSound T6 and ZiiSound D5, or the Creative WP-300 headphones (all sold separately), for the best audio quality.

Surf the Internet with Wireless LAN

Thanks to built-in IEEE 802.11 b/g/n support, all the Wireless LAN hotspots1 are yours. Surf the Internet and check your e-mails anywhere you go.

More Content with microSD Card Support

Enjoy the flexibility of accessing more music and movies directly from your microSD card. The more microSD cards you have, the more entertainment you can experience on the go.

Share Music Out Loud

Great tunes are meant to be shared. With the built-in speaker, share them out loud with your friends and family.

That’s all about the Creative ZEN Touch 2 8 GB Android Based MP3 And Video Player. This¬†Android Based MP3 And Video Player is available in You can directly order or buy from here.
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