Evoluce Unveiled Gesture Controlled I-Voluce Display

German arrangement manufacturer Evoluce has unveiled the large gesticulate carry out arrangement with integrated 3D sensors. The screen is called the I-Voluce and it is a big 46-inch unit with gesture control. The screen can be controlled with gestures from 4 meters away. The screen is designed to connect with a Windows 7 computer and will allow control of all sorts of Windows apps and software using gestures.

Most Minority Report technologies turn out to be rubbish, but Evoluce has a background in coming up with weird and wonderful advanced natural user GUI and hardware interfaces.

The company turned its hand to an interesting Kinect hack. This allowed multiple users to connect to Kinect, which simultaneously controls multiple multi-touch and multi-gesture Windows 7 applications, including Flash and Java.

The flagship model Ivoluce 46-inch multi-touch HD LCD display is available now for 4,995€ and there is a smaller model for 3,995€. µ

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