Eyes on 3D TV as Sony pushes into 3D territory

Sony is putting its weight on 3D televisions as Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony Inc, has announced that 3D televisions for home viewers will be available by next year. The announcement came at CES 2009 where Sony unveiled its 3D TV prototypes.

There are still some technological issues which need to solved, as Mr. Stringer said. But, thanks to the new ‘active’ glasses which makes the viewing more comfortable then before. Sony is working on integrating 3-D technologies into existing branded products like Vaio notebook computers, PlayStation 3, and Blu-ray high-definition DVD players, Stringer also said.

Though the idea of 3D televisions is not new, but earlier attempts at making 3D TVs a mainstream entertainment medium on 195’s and 1980’s were abandoned. But, due to technological advancements in this period, Sony believes that 3D televisions will go mainstream before expected.

While the reactions of viewers who got the chance of experiencing the protypes of Sony’s 3D TV suggests that experience is really a lot more life like than previous versions of 3D TV, doubts still clouds the sky about the effects of long hours of 3D TV viewing. Many also turn down the claim that this could go mainstream because of the fact that you still need to wear glasses to experience a 3D TV.

We also noticed that a 3D TV can’t be used like a conventional TV at our home due to the imaging technology. See it yourself.


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