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ACTON RocketSkates: The World’s First Smart Wearable Mobility Controlled By Foot Movements

If you are looking for a new mode of transport, then you might be interested in these new Rocket Skates. RocketSkates have been designed to be strapped on over regular footwear, and monitor foot movements to make them easy to control.

ACTON RocketSkates

ACTON RocketSkates are electric, motorized, “remote-free, strap-in, smart electric skates.” The ACTON RocketSkates have been designed by Peter Treadway and ACTON based in Los Angeles California. This electric-powered footwear has been built specially for city dwellers.


The ACTON RocketSkates users have to strap the skates over their shoes. Power buttons are on the back of each skate; tipping your foot forward controls acceleration. To get going, you have to do a skating movement which eventually powers up the motors. Here are some of the technical specifications of this skates.

  • Each skate features by two 50w brushless motors, one inside each front wheel.
  • Rear-mounted lithium-ion battery packs, which fully charge in 1½ hours, power the motors.
  • The skates “talk” to each other via microprocessors, so they both maintain the same speed.
  • Top speed is estimated at 12mph, depending on various factors such as rider weight and wind speed.
  • Maximum rider weight: 275lbs
  • Dimensions: 8in x 8½in x 9in
  • Weight: 7lbs each

ACTON RocketSkate

There are 3-types of RocketSkates – R-6, R-8 and R-10. The R-6 can manage 45 minutes (6 miles), R-8 lasts for 70 minutes (8 miles), and R-10 goes 90 minutes (10 miles) on a charge. They then take around 90 minutes to fully recharge.

The ACTON RocketSkates makers targeted to collect an amount of $50,000 via Kickstarter by Aug 22 (Fri), 2014, 11:58 PM (+06:00), but as of writing, they have collected $465,515 from 674 backers, keeping 4 days in hand. The skates are supposed to ship in October 2014 to backers. All backers will also receive free backpacks and helmets with their Rocketskates. Here’s a video.

For more details, hit the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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