Google Glass Users Can Now Become Citizen Journalists For CNN

Imagine wearing a Google Glass and covering a live event. That can be an all-new, and better, way of news reporting. CNN is banking on that and has invited Glass users to contribute to its iReport citizen journalism initiative.

Google Glass

The new iReport feature has been launched by CNN so that Google Glass users can exclusively share their photos and videos with the news organizations. These entries will be featured in this section, especially the ones which would be relevant to any pertinent issues.

However, to be a part of this initiative, you will first need to authorize CNN to send notifications to your Glass unit. This is a preliminary step to ensure that you indeed have a Glass device at your disposal. Once you receive the notification, you will be required to link up an iReport profile.

After you’ve done all this, you are all set to start reporting directly to the CNN. A ‘CNN iReport’ option will start appearing as a sharing option alongside your photos and videos. So you will be able to share your content instantly with CNN.

The news organizations has rightfully boasted that it is the first major news network to be leveraging the use of wearable devices in citizen journalism. In the long-run, the use of wearable devices to provide real-time reporting, especially from citizen journalists, may turn out to be a very powerful tool. This may be particularly useful in countries where dissent is suppressed and alternate narrative is not readily available.

Source: CNN

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