KickStarter Project Artme Turns Your Electronic Devices Into Cool Art

More often than not, most of us get the urge to have a gadget which is exclusively designed to our liking. We want it to reflect a part of us in its outlook. In other words, we crave customization. Artme, a KickStarter project, now envisions to do that precisely by offering a whole range of cool art which would be available for different devices.

Artme design

Artme is a small startup which has been launched by three youngsters in Denmark. The idea behind the project is to provide customers with the option of having their electronic devices customized to their very liking. For instance, if you don’t like the bland back of your iPad, you can have it splashed with whatever color or design you desire.

Such customization is accomplished through the use of both art and technology, and is available for a range of products including gaming consoles, tablets, laptops and more. Whereas the team already has a tiny studio to make the magic happen, it is looking forward to gather funds to the tune of £58,500 which will then be used in setting up a professional art studio, paint workshop and the related equipment.

The KickStarter page of the project shows a whole range of different types of colors which are available for the art work. Every item, the project claims, will be hand painted and the team will make sure that the final output looks great.

You can back the project by pledging different amount. For £1, you receive a thank-you email and your name on their official web page. For £10, you get a personal postcard from Artme. When you pledge £15 or more, things start to get interesting. You get to receive personalized art works to go with your smartphones and tablets. Of course for the more serious backers, such as those who wish to pledge £200 or so, the prize is even bigger – complete art toolkit to create your very own art designs.

Our take is that the idea is indeed novel and although it is not exactly new, taking it to a level where Artme team intends to take it, will be a first. So we look forward to this project and hope that the team will able to gather enough pledges to KickStart it into action. To pledge any amount of money to Artme, see the widget below.

Source: KickStarter

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