MYO — A Forearm Worn Band That Lets You Control Devices Using Gestures

One of the hottest areas in R&D labs in the last few years has been gesture control, which allows users to interact with computers without having to touch any inputs like a keyboard or a mouse. A lot of gesture control devices have already been made that can get people free from being physically ‘wired’ to their computers. However, a company named Thalmic Labs, started by three engineering graduates from University of Waterloo, has brought a new device called MYO that can detect motion and muscle movements and allows you to control your Mac, PC, or other devices using gestures.

MYO Gesture Control Armband

MYO is a gesture control armband which is worn on the forearm. It is the latest device in a series of devices where it has been tried to bring sci-fi type interfaces into reality. Most importantly, this device could be the most accurate gesture control device among all gesture control devices made yet. The device uses lower-power Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with any electronic devices and comes with a boatload of sensors on board.


Unlike other gesture control devices that rely on positioning through camera tracking, MYO senses electrical activity in arm and hand muscles and detects movements at the earliest possible stage.

MYO Armband

The device works both in iOS and Android devices. The MYO armband is now available for pre-order at $149, and is set to ship in late 2013. You can check out the website for all the details. But before youdecide to test it out, watch this demo.

Source: MYO

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