New Smart Pillow Nudges The Snoring Person, Improves Sleep

Snoring is usually an outcome of sleeping in an unusual, and typically uncomfortable, position. A new ‘snore activated nudging pillow‘ is here to solve the problem by nudging the snorer and helping him shift to a better position while sleeping.

Snore activated nudging pillow

If you snore through your sleep, you may not find that to be too big a problem. But it certainly will be a significant disturbance for your partner sleeping next to you. The new snore-activated pillow comes with an internal air pocket that can inflate or deflate.

When inflated, the air pocket adds three inches to the height of the pillow so that the sleeping position of the person resting his head on the pillow is significantly changed. It also packs a microphone which is able to discern the sounds and vibrations of snoring.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the pillow. For instance, if you suffer from low snoring, you can adjust the sensitivity of the pillow to high. This way, even dim snoring will be discerned by the pillow and it will alter its shape accordingly. Similarly, if you are a loud snorer, you can low down the sensitivity of the pillow.

Snore pillow

The idea behind the pillow is to simply alter the shape of the pillow, and through that the position of your head, so that the breathing passages are open normally. When that is achieved, snoring pretty much goes away. This smart pillow costs $149 and is available with the NYC retailer Hammacher Schlemmer. If you snore often through your sleep, this is a must-have, not only for your own good, but also for the better sleep of your partner.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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