Teachers Relax, PocketHound Here To Nab Who Cheat In Eaxm Hall

Although teachers try to invigilate upon students strictly in the exam hall so that they can’t copy, many students successfully copy in the exam by avoiding teachers’ eyes. But now teachers no longer have to rely on their eyes to prevent students from copying as a portable cellphone detector named PocketHound has been designed that would secretly detect who are copying in the exam hall.

Copying In The Exam

Many students come to the exam hall along with chits hiding somewhere else in their body, while some bring them as a text in mobile. However, the PocketHound has been been made for those students who try to copy something from mobile and write in the paper.

PocketHound is the industry’s most sensitive cell phone detector for it’s size. This portable cellphone detector is no larger or heavier than a deck of cards. It features an integrated multiband antenna that is hidden under the label. The receiver continually scans all cellphone bands and utilizes a sophisticated algorithm that constantly samples the radio-frequency (RF) noise floor to distinguish real cellular activity from ambient RF noise. The device has a battery life of about 2 hours.

That means PocketHound can locate nearby cell phones in either standby mode or during active voice, text or data RF transmissions. In fact, this device prevents unauthorized mobile phone use by detecting nearby (up to 75 feet indoors line-of-sight) cellular phones from a particular distance.

However, whenever a student will try to copy something from his/her mobile, usually the mobile screen lights up or some kind of vibration occurs. And if this happens in between 75 feet, PocketHound which teachers will be able to keep in their pocket would consider that user’s activity as an attempt of cheating. Once the device is set off, teachers will be able to nab the offender. Here’a video of PocketHound.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems has made PocketHound. This device has been manufactured in the U.S.A. It costs $500. PocketHound can also be used for courtrooms (jurors and court personnel) and boardrooms (prevent corporate espionage) as well as prisons.

Source: Mashable

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