TouchPico: A Handheld Tiny Projector That Turns Any Wall Into A Touchscreen

In 2012 we reported that with the help of AnyTouch people were able to turn any surface into a touchscreen. Last year we reported that people were able to turn any flat surface into a virtual keyboard using Magic Cube. And this time we have come to know that TouchJet has created a hand-held tiny projector called TouchPico that can turn any wall into a touchscreen.

Pocket-sized Smartphone Projector TouchPico

TouchPico is an Android 4.0-powered hand-held projector. It comes with Wi-Fi support, SD card support and HDMI connectivity. The projector delivers 80 lumens of brightness and can create an 80-inch display on any flat surface.

TouchPico handheld projector

TouchPico comes with an infrared stylus. The stylus can be used to interact with the projected images. The infrared detection technology — a camera on the projector — tracks the location with the stylus at a rate of 40 frames per second. In simple word, the projector’s camera captures the movement of the infrared stylus and turn into actions on the projected screens.

Front Of TouchPico

At present, TouchPico makers are collecting funds via crowd-funding source Indiegogo. The TouchPico team had a target of gathering $55,000 by August 26, 2014 (11:59 pm PT). But as of writing keeping 24 days in hand, the team has gathered $336,321.

The cheapest TouchPico costs $329 if purchased via Indiegogo. The retail price is expected to be $499 (£293). The device is scheduled to be shipped in October of this year. Here is a video showing TouchPico in action.

Source: Indiegogo

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