Ultrapak: The World’s Fastest Self-charging Battery Pack, Fully Recharge Your Phone In 15 Minutes

uNu Electronics presents the Ultrapak portable battery pack which is capable of collecting enough power that can fully recharge your smartphone just in 15 minutes. This Ultrapack series can actually charge up to 8 times faster than conventional battery packs.


Battery Life has become the most annoying element of the modern smartphones. One of the largest issues that smartphone users face is the significant battery drain and long charging period. But all could be changed after uNu’s announcement of Ultrapak. It’s a surprising battery pack for your smartphones or tablets which can deliver a full charge to your smart devices within 15 minutes. Undoubtedly, this power pack is a better option when you are on the way.

According to uNu, the Ultrapak can recharge super fast because of ‘Ultra-X‘ charging technology which is a special type of A+ lithium battery. It uses proprietary additives that raises the regular battery charging speed up to 8 times. And that’ why it has become “the world’s fastest self-charging battery pack“.


The super fastest battery pack is available in two configurations. The Ultrapak Tour comes with 10,000mAh capacity and a dual USB port which costs $99.99. Another smaller version is the Ultrapak Go which carries 3000mAh capacity and costs $59.99 . Both devices are already available for pre-order, but shipping will start on 24 August. To save your time and have more than enough power to keep your devices fully charged, you can just pre-order from the link given below.

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