A Roundup Of The Week In Gaming

The guys at Gizmodo have published another cool roundup of the past week’s releases in the world of gaming. Read on to find out what their reviewers have to say for the hottest games on the market right now.

Starcraft 2 is in beta and the impressions are rolling in. Aliens Vs. Predator has been reviewed. And the next Civilization game has a new, hexagonal combat system. Prepare for an information injection of painful (OK, slightly discomforting) proportions.

Starcraft II: Some Thoughts On The Beta
The most important news? It runs well without a top of the line machine.

New Starcraft II Screens, With That Beta-Fresh Smell
OK, so I’m kind of craving Starcraft all of the sudden.

Aliens Vs. Predator Review: Too Human
We know it’s not going to be a great game, but everyone loves a throwback.

What’s The Father of the PlayStation Doing These Days?
Playing Xbox?

All The Super Street Fighter IV Dudley, Makoto, And Ibuki You Can Stand
Blasphemy, I know. But I loathe one-off Street Fighter characters.

Activision Chief Regrets Not Making Guitar Hero With Harmonix
A rare moment of honesty.

Civilization V Hexes PCs This Fall
Somehow, Civ just got even geekier.

Alan Wake Preview: The First Full Episode
I confess: I didn’t even read it. I don’t want the slightest spoiler.

First Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Screens, Gameplay Videos Leak

2010: A Video Gamer’s Guide
Every big trade show of the year, charted.
I’m surprised anyone under 20 even knows who Sonic is.

Source: Gizmodo.

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