Alienware Announces Mini PC, Threatening Gaming Consoles

Alienware fans always expect from their favorite company to keep them interested and even pleasantly surprised with sleek looking high performance devices. The new release is appealing to game aficionados who are looking for powerful machines but are also interested in compact design.

Alienware X51 gaming desktop packs into a compact design components with impressive performance, like the mini-ITX motherboard. The X51 also features a standard desktop Sandy Bridge CPU, 4GB RAM, 1TB hard drive and Nvidia GT 545 graphics card and all this is powered by a core i3-2120 CPU. However, Tech2 points out that the configuration is customizable and buyers have the option of choosing a processor up to Core i7-2600. They also can chose to purchase Alienware X51 gaming desktop with up to 8GB of RAM and a GTX 555. This OEM card is the only one featuring 288 CUDA cores and a weak 192-bit memory bus.

The ITX gaming PC also sports a slot-loading DVD burner and built-in Wi-Fi. For the keyboard, monitor, and a mouse, users have to pay additional prices for these devices. The new Alienware mini PC comes with the price tag of $699.


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