Apple TV 2G Gets HTML5 Based Game

A hacker has managed to get an HTML5-based game working on the Apple TV 2G and having first jailbroken the device and installed the Couch Surfer application, which is provides a Web browser for jailbroken Apple TVs. The game is a simple BlackJack card game and he addition is notable as it demonstrates that the Apple TV is a functional platform for HTML5-based applications. HTML5 would provide an alternative to simple Flash-based games and it could become a compelling alternative to Apple’s native App Store applications in time…………


A post by appletvblack demonstrates that one can attain a little gaming joy through a HTML5-based Blackjack game through the second-gen Apple TV. One game is hardly comparable to what you could get from an iPad, but it is worth checking out nonetheless. There are various elements and commands which make every single thing you see on a page, such as this Blackjack game, work as it does. Your browser is essentially the middle-man, translating the code and presenting it to you in a language easier to interpret and interact with. HTML5 is a more advanced, more cross-platform version of this language which is being introduced in places all over the net, and is the future of the internet’s core technology. HTML and coding in general isn’t something that everybody necessarily appreciates. You will of course need a jailbroken second Gen Apple TV Device in order play the web-based Blackjack game and you will also need to install Couch Surfer Pro, which can be obtained from here.



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