Disney Released free Epic Mickey App for iOS Devices

Disney has released a free Epic Mickey app for iOS devices.iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user can download the free game from the iTunes store.You can purchase five digicomic as a bundle for $2.99.

It has got the following features.

~ Includes the 6 Disney Epic Mickey – Tales of Wasteland digicomics: 1 digicomics for free and 5 digicomics bundle for just 2.99$

~ Read your digicomics, bookmark them and share them with your friends

~ Discover the characters section and read about Disney Epic Mickey’s main icons

~ Offers also the map of Wasteland, the character files and the videogame trailer

~ To be updated with additional amazing contents

Moreover,the app also has information about the game characters, its icons, a map of the Wasteland and the videogame trailer.It will release on the nov 30 with some promises update.

Look some screenshots..

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