Ditch Your PS3 For Xbox One And Get $100 From Microsoft

Microsoft and Sony launched their new console models with sufficient sportsmanship but the competition has apparently forced Microsoft to change tactics. The company has now announced that it will hand out $100 to those who ditch their PS3 for Xbox One.

PS3 Trade-in offer

Microsoft has sufficient reason to be worried because the gaming industry indicators so far reveal that PlayStation 4 is on to a really good start. In fact, the console unit sales have been so good that Sony is recovering from its decline in the tech industry and gaining back its foothold.

The rival new console from Microsoft, Xbox One, on the other hand has mustered good sales but is apparently number two to PS4 right now. This poses a significant problem for Microsoft since Xbox line-up had been top of the list in the gaming world in the past few years.

While Microsoft’s new offer may sound enticing, it isn’t enticing enough. If you choose to hand in your PS3 and get $100, you have to reckon with the fact that the Xbox One costs $499, a full $100 more than PlayStation 4. In other words, PS3 users have to trade-in their console and then shell out $399 of their own to get their hands on an Xbox One.

They can as well get a PlayStation 4 by paying $399, while also keeping their PS3 at the same time. Besides, PlayStation 4 does not fall short on any of the gaming essentials, making it a really good console choice. Nonetheless, if you are still tempted to avail Microsoft’s offer, you can do the trade-in at one of Microsoft retail stores in the U.S. The offer extends to PS3, Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E.

Source: Microsoft

Courtesy: The Verge

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