Download Angry Birds Rio For iPhone And iPad For Free Now

Angry birds franchise has achieved a phenomenal success across the mobile platform. Rovio, the developer company who created the game, has amassed immense fame and popularity, thanks to the franchise. Now, one of the Angry Birds releases, namely Angry Birds Rio, has been featured as the Free App of the Week on Apple App Store, so you can download it for iPhone or iPad without paying anything.

angry birds rio

Many of you may remember the ‘Rio’ movie, a box-office hit. It was an animated movie which was a story about how a few animals and birds are separated, captured and how they then escaped. Suffice to say that Angry Birds Rio is kind of based upon a similar story.

You get to fling your birds in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. There are a whole lot of levels, so you can sit down for endless fun once you download the game. To kick-start the fun, head straight to the App Store and lay your hands on the free iPhone and iPad versions of Angry Birds Rio.

The original price tag was $0.99 and $2.99 for iPhone and iPad versions respectively. However, thanks to the fact that it has been rendered free for a week, you can download it for free from App Store.

Source: App Store

Courtesy: Redmond Pie

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