Final Fantasy Tactics For iPhone Delayed Until Spring 2011

For those who are waiting to get your hands on a mobile version of Final Fantasy Tactics.TouchArcade has reported that it will be released, according to a note appeared on Square Enix official Facebook page, in Spring 2011.That is Final Fantasy Tactics For iOS Delayed Until Spring 2011.

According to information SQUARE ENIX posted on the Facebook, Final Fantasy Tactics For iOS is original to release in 2010, and now needs to be extended to be released in Spring 2011. There are needs for further optimization of the game changes, to improve the game screen, user interface and playability. The reason for extension is still acceptable.

The iPhone version of FFT was first unveiled at this year’s E3 and scheduled for a September 15th release. Square Enix then claimed they never thought to release the game in September, and told the press FFT was still “TBD”. Various delays aside, it looks like SE has been busy improving the new game menu graphics, designing new controls specifically for the iPhone. The new screenshots look better than the old ones, and here’s to hoping that Square Enix is taking the extra time to make the entire game better, perhaps with new features, quests and enemies. An additional storyline for iPhone users would be great, for instance.

For the time being, you’ll have to play Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP, PS3, PS2, or PSOne depending on what version you own.

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