Finally Sony PS3 Hacked By The Great iPhone Unlocker GeoHot

GeoHot claimed that he hacked Sony Play Station 3. Georze Hotz aka GeoHot, infamous father of iPhone jailbreak, said he was working from 3 years, 2 months and 11 days in Playstation Project to hack it. The PS3 lovers will enjoy the news. It’s a dream come true for them.

Though Sony may have thought it was safe since it implemented blu-ray media into the technological market, it seems the grace-period of no modifications for the Playstation 3 have ended.

According to GeoHot he got read/write access to the entire system memory, and HV level access to the processor. He also managed to dumps of LV0 and LV1 and the NAND without removing it or a modchip. Means you can flash the NAND without any hardware hacking.

Over the weekend, GeoHot has posted a few tweets on his Twitter account that he has began looking into hacking Sony’s PS3 console.

He has also dropped by our Forums to enquire about the PS3 Hypervisor Decryption Keys, and has been in touch with CJPC via IRC as well.

The PS3 has been around for a good 3 years, and so far it seems that nobody else has managed to hack the console. Geohot took a whole 5 weeks to get the job done.


The exploit has not yet been made public because GeoHot feared that Sony can update the firmware or launch a new layer of security to make it unusable. GeoHot also compliment to Sony for making hacking very hard on PS3 gaming console. GeoHot likely to post new updates on his blog, in the coming hours, days, or weeks. Stay tuned with us because lots of other information will be posted here as soon as he finishes.

GeoHot has reported the following via tweets:

“ooo got access to a couple more pages of ram…still no hypervisor there tho. it’s hiding in the top 2 MB.

anyone know if the 360 guys had a pt hypervisor to reverse?

my goal is to break out of the hypervisor… then see what my morals will allow.

gotta flip one little bit to hack the ps3. unfortunately the ps3 doesn’t want me to flip it.

so, the hypervisor is in the first 0x1000 pages of RAM…think I could just pull an address line down and dump? not from kernel tho

PS3 memory map … why did I think this would be useful again? i really want these dumps @ bootloader

it’d be nice if that worked, linux accesses sandboxed part of nand… 4mb of uselesses.

hacking the PS3, not hacked in three years how long will it take me?”

Source:,,, & @GeoHot’s Twitter.


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    Unacceptable levels of fun

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    Let’s not celebrate until GeoHot releases the info! Maybe he might sellout to Sony?

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    I don’t think so TheDaemon, He is not that type of guy to be sold out.

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    If this console is hacked then Sony will make other ways like updating it's version to fix it.

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