[Game Preiview] Dark: Where The Hunter Is Being Hunted

There are large number of fan followers of horror games. If horror genre blends with role-playing stealth action, then it will be full of thrills. Realmforge Studios is working on such a project. The name of the game is “Dark”. The game is about the horrifying world of vampires. Officially Announced on May 4, 2012, the game is expected to be released by Q1 of 2013.

Eric Bane is the protagonist of Dark. One night he woke up inside a bar full of vampires trying to remember how he had brought here and transformed into vampire. He sets out to find the responsible ones and punish them. But it will not be an easy task. He has to survive from his fellow vampires. Humans are also hunting for him. Eric has to complete his quest with complete discretion.

The game will have realistic locations of rooftops, city streets, sky scrapers, museum, castle and so on. Players can approach silently. Every dark corners of the street, room, or alley can be utilized.

Eric also possesses numerous powerful vampire abilities and great strength. Using that, he will be able to breach doors, fight and shatter the opponent. The acrobatic abilities will help him to run free, jump higher and crawl walls. The Blood thirst will help Eric to unleash super attacks.

The game will be published by Kalypso Media. Both PC and Xbox 360 release will come simultaneously.

Source: Wikipedia

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