We will show you the most viewed trailers and gameplay from the event of E3 2017. We also show you the highlight of E3 2017.
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We will show you the most viewed trailers and gameplay from the event E3 2017. We also have the highlight of E3 too.

The most exciting event E3 2017 “Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017” is now over. It is 23rd time that E3  has been arranged. In this expo, lots of hardware manufacturers and software developers and publishers attend here to release the game trailers. So, this year 49 games has been shown at E3. Now we will show you the most significant and viral trailers.

Super Mario Odyssey

The first game of Super Mario was released on September 13, 1985, and later “Nintendo” continues to make this game. At the first time, the game was in 2D. But it was most successful game ever. Now Nintendo has been remade the game in 3D and named “Super Mario Odyssey“. It’s looking more colorful, creative and adventurous. It will be released on Oct 27, 2017, on Nintendo Switch Platform.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Star Wars: Battlefront 2” is the most-viewed E3 game. It is surely the biggest surprise in E3 2017. It is coming in November 2017. Let’s see the trailer below.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft launched a cinematic trailer of the new game “Beyond Good & Evil 2“. It looks like some animals are doing an animation action movie. The cinematic graphics look fabulous. Now it is time to wait for the gameplay.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Game developer company “Bethesda” revealed Wolfenstein 2 bloody Cinematic trailer. The game looks brilliant and having serious actions. The story is all about Nazi America that was already presented in 2014 game “Wolfenstein: The New Order”. It will be released on October 27.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

In the Playstation event at E3 2017, a new Spiderman game named “Marvel’s Spider-Man” has revealed. Now it looks like a real spiderman game that we are talking about. The graphics look stunning on this game.

God of War 4

Now it is time to talk about the long-awaited game “God of War 4“. Playstation Already showed a gameplay at E3 2016. Now they again revealed a final gameplay in E3 2017. The game will be released in early 2018.

Days Gone

The another most exciting game “Days Gone” also revealed a final gameplay trailer. They already showed a shocking trailer in last year. This game is coming late this year.


FIFA 18 was the most surprising trailer in E3 2017. The Real Madrid star “Cristiano Ronaldo” will be the cover of this game and it is the first time ever. The game will be released on September 29, 2017.

Shadow of the Colossus

The Most Interesting game from PS4 “Shadow of the Colossus” has been revealed with a big change. Everyone is waiting for this game. It will be released on 2018.

Need for Speed Payback

This trailer already revealed before the E3 event. The gameplay looks like it is the action film movie “Fast and Furious“. The Cinematic graphic also looks brilliant and stunning. The Initial release date of this game is November 10, 2017.

Forza Motorsport 7

In the Xbox event at E3, “Forza Motorsport 7” trailer has been released. The gameplay was shown at 60fps in 4K resolution. It looks very fabulous and like a masterpiece game. See the gameplay below.

Call of Duty: WWII

The Call of Duty series has revealed new game named “Call of Duty: World War II“. It’s similar with the game “Battlefield 1“.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Ubisoft made another history on Assassin’s Creed game series. The all-new “Assassin’s Creed: Origins” is revealed with the scene of old pyramids. This game has so much difference with older one. The Initial release date of this game is October 27, 2017.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

It’s all about new action with adventure and starring with Chloe Frazer. It’s coming on August 22, 2017.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

This game will be the greatest game for Dragon Ball Z lover. The trailer shows massive action fighting and lots of visual works. This game is coming in 2018.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human” is an upcoming neo-noir thriller video game. It is developed by Quantic Dream. The graphic of this game looks so real. Mass shootings, suicide bombings, and violence are the best part of this game. The release date is not confirmed yet.

A Way Out

Electronic Arts” revealed a trailer for this game in E3 event. This game likely similar to “Prison Break” Tv-Series. You are in the prison and want to break out. So it will be the interesting game.


This game looks so incredible graphic and impressive gameplay. You must have to watch this.

Hidden Agenda

It is a crime-thriller game and can be playable with the group.All group member can make decisions using a smartphone as a controller.

Metro: Exodus

Again new Metro game series “Metro: Exodus” is here. It is survival horror game with deadly combat and stealth with exploration. The graphics are now improved. It looks nice than the older one.

Far Cry 5

The new Far Cry 5 game is likely most controversial game ever. It is not similar to any other far cry game. Everyone thinks it negatively. But it is not as bad as it people says.

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