Giant Moto Version 1.2 Game For iDevices

Giant Moto Version 1.2 is a game for iPhone,iPod touch and iPad.Giant Moto is free game and requires iOS 3.0 or later.Giant Moto is better than 1980’s game Excite Bike.Go to itunes download the game and enjoy….

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-up-and-play exicting motocross racing experience or races with more depth, Giant Moto has you covered! In Arcade mode you can complete most races in about a minute of intense motocross action. In Series mode you can compete across several racing events for a deeper challenge!


  • OpenFeint enabled
  • 17 Leaderboards
  • Over 60 Achievements worth 1000(!) points!
  • 7 Series racing events!
  • 10 challenging tracks!
  • 4 cycle/rider colors
  • Realistic physics engine
  • Awesome sounds and graphics
  • Challenging AI opponents with 3 difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard) provides challenge for all ages!

New in Version 1.2

* Now iOS 4 compatible! And still works on 3.0 and up!
* Added OpenFeint Leaderboards & Achievements!
* Added Racing Series – race multiple tracks and try to beat the best times!
* Bug fixing and tuning thruout

Turn, gas and boost using on-screen controls. Wheelies and air control with tilt/accelerometer.


  1. It’s all about Boost. Use it wisely to avoid over heating.
  2. Let off the Boost while you’re in the air to allow cooling.
  3. Boost and Accelerate only work while the rear wheel is on the ground (just like a real motorcycle)
  4. The cycle will only turn while the front wheel is on the ground.
  5. Avoid mud puddles as they’ll slow you down.
  6. Aim for boost pads as they’ll speed you up.
  7. Hit the gas/boost right when the word “GO!” appears to get an extra boost off the starting line.
  8. Practice on Easy and Normal difficulty before attempting Hard. And most importantly: have fun!


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