GODUS: The ‘Regenesis’ Of The God Game Hits iOS Top Charts

Peter Molyneus brings the reinvention of God game named ‘Gudos‘ which is going to give you unique and imaginative experience through the journey of a fully simulated world.


Gudos allows the player to take control of the entire world and show the way to its citizens over the different stages of exploration. As you can guess, you play the role of God in the most notable god game. Being God, you can form the land and give it shape as you wish. You have to command your inhabitants what to do and take them in way that the growth of whole civilization will lead to advance ages from primitive age. You will guide your followers to unity, prosperity and prepare them to fight against your enemies.


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Sculpt The World: You can shape the lands, raise the mountains, form the rivers, make some forests and give your locality a better look with lakes. To design your world uniquely, you just have to use your touch and nothing else!

Inspire Your Followers: If you keep playing, you will unlock some new abilities which will take your community from an elementary beginning to advance future. Your timeline will move ahead with different tasks like farming, trading, cooking, mining and more.

Settle New Lands: You can take a tour all over the world and explore totally new lands where some surprises will be waiting for you.

Meet The Astari: The world is only for you and your followers. Some destructive Astari also live here. They will try to do every possible things to convince your followers to join them and make bigger community. You have to use your power smartly to deal with this mischievous people.

Create Villages And Towns: You can make different villages and towns for your followers and divide them into categories to make them specialized on building , firming, mining, cooking community.

Wield Incredible Powers: You can also use amazing power to make your world with love or destruction. With this power, you can decorate the world with miracles or you are able to punish your followers.

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This artificial life game has got something unusual and the concept of this game is really addictive. Godus gives an incredible experience with excellent and interactive gameplay. It has reached the Top Charts of App Store from last week and already it has got more than 15k rating. Gudos for iOS is totally FREE and it’s worth to give a try.

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App Store Link: Click Here
Size: 91.5 MB
Price: Free

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