iCade Arcade Cabinet For iPad

iCade arcade cabinet for iPad starts selling at $100, already on backorder and the cabinet interfaces with the iPad and offers full button and joystick control using a unique API and also the  Bluetooth-communicating iPad enclosure seems to have originally been on sale for immediate delivery………


The  iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet turns your iPad into an old-school arcade cabinet. You can now play Pac-Man or Space Invaders while feeling like you’re back at your ol’ childhood arcade.To use it all you have to do is gently slide your iPad into the cradle. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad, so you don’t have to worry about hooking up any cables. ThinkGeek partnered with Atari to bring classic games like Asteroids to the market for iCADE support. And to go with your purchase, the iCADE comes with the Atari Greatest Hits app which offers support for over a hundred classic Atari games. The app gives you Pong for free, but the other games are available for in-app purchase. You can get three games for $1, or all 100 for $14.99.The iCADE uses a unique API, which it will be opening up to developers so that they can add iCADE support to their games. ThinkGeek also teamed up with ION to develop the tabletop cabinet that features full button and joystick control.Available for iPad and iPad 2, the iCADE is on presale now and is expected to start shipping on May 20, 2011.



  • Beautifully retro-styled tabletop arcade cabinet for your otherwise useless iPad
  • iPad connects to the iCADE controls via Bluetooth
  • “Atari Greatest Hits” iPad App ready to go with the iCADE, including support for over 100 classic Atari games.
  • Atari App comes with classic Pong for free, other games available for in-app purchase. 3-game packs are $1. All 100 games are $14.99
  • API to be released later allowing any iOS developer to create iCADE-compatible games.
  • Compatible with both the original iPad and iPad 2


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