Microsoft Finally Unveils Xbox One, Focused On Entertainment

We recently did a quick post on how Microsoft was on the verge of unveiling the next-generation Xbox and that the new console may be primarily geared towards entertainment. As it turns out, Microsoft has now unveiled ‘Xbox One‘ and it indeed seems like a fine blend of a gaming console as well as an entertainment hub.

Xbox One

Gaming is one form of entertainment and Microsoft intends to up the ante by offering many other forms of entertainment through Xbox One. Given below is a quick recap of the new features that are included in the console as well as the device’s specifications.

The new Xbox One packs an 8-core CPU which joins hands with a 64-bit architecture to deliver top performance. The unit includes 8 GB of RAM, a Blu-ray drive, 500 GB of storage space and HDMI in and out ports. There’s a USB 3.0 port as well and option for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Kinect has been around for a while, being used for gaming purposes. However, imagine the same kind of voice and gesture-control functionality available for surfing between different TV channels or shows. The voice-control part of Kinect is remarkably accurate and quick, letting you dictate the Xbox One and surf across multiple profiles and entertainment hubs in the flick of an eye.

As far as motion and gesture-control measures are concerned, Kinect has been packed with additional capabilities to perform these tasks far better. Kinect can now capture 1080p video and it can measure many more motion points on the body to more accurately discern the users’ movements.

Snap Mode:
Snap mode is an excellent option that essentially lets you perform two different kinds of tasks side by side on Xbox One. For instance you can watch a movie and do a Skype call, both at the same time. Microsoft has essentially brought together the best of both TV and gaming on a single console and spiced this content up with options such as Snap mode.

Snap mode

DVR recoding and Cloud storage:
Cloud storage is fast becoming something of a mandatory feature for all devices. Microsoft has been careful to ensure its inclusion in Xbox One. You can upload your regular content, games, game saves and other data straight to the cloud storage that Microsoft offers. You can also recard the games while you are playing through the DVR option.

During the launch event, Microsoft shied away from divulging the exact pricing and availability details of the new console. However, it did reveal that Xbox One will land the shelves later this year.

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