Microsoft Plans To Bring Kinect-Supported Internet Explorer To Xbox

Microsoft has long been trying to put Xbox right at the heart of entertainment. The company has added a lot of features to the console and its online experience recently, trying to pitch in the device as a hub for gaming and entertainment in general. Now, Microsoft is back with yet more updates for the console.

The latest in the series of additions to Xbox is that Microsoft is now adding Internet Explorer to Xbox. While IE may not be the best browser around and it may have lost its top spot to Chrome recently, nonetheless it would be great to have any browser on Xbox.

This has been revealed by Microsoft at an E3 keynote speech, with the company promising that Internet Explorer on Xbox will deliver ‘for the first time, a fast, fluid, Web experience in the living room.’

However, that is not the end of what. What would be so extraordinary about using IE on Xbox is that Microsoft is adding support for Kinect and voice commands to the browser. This essentially means that you will be able to use voice commands as well as motions to use the browser and surf the web, something which can be a new experience altogether.

With this announcement, the Xbox users can rest assured that their web-surfing experience is about to get a lot better. Microsoft is promising that it will be landing these new features sometime during the fall this year.

Source: Engadget

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