Microsoft To Unveil The Next Xbox Today

The gaming world has long been waiting for the next Xbox console from Microsoft. The company has finally announced that it will be unveiling the next Xbox at an event on Tuesday. Interestingly, Sony is also on the verge of lifting the curtain off PlayStation 4.


According to the reports so far, Microsoft has focused more on non-gaming features in the new Xbox. The company can afford to do so since its current-generation Xbox units are already the best-selling gaming gear around the globe.

However, Microsoft will have to consider the competition that may be offered by PlayStation 4. Sony is certainly going for a far better graphics engine and better storage options in its upcoming console – and the corresponding next-generation Xbox will have to compete against it.

While Microsoft hasn’t revealed any detailed specs of the new Xbox, analysts have speculated that it will come with a faster processor and many new entertainment options. In fact, the entertainment and other non-gaming features may be the limelight of the new Xbox.

For instance, the company plans on adding the ability to make Skype calls, stream videos online and accomplish many other similar functions. One bone of contention about the new Xbox, however, is that it will need to be connected to the internet at all times.

That can be quite a hassle for the gamers and at the same time, it would eliminate the option of playing second-hand titles, thus making the entire Xbox ecosystem pricier and more closed for the users. Let’s see how true these reservations and expectations turn out to be this Tuesday.

Courtesy: CNET

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