Microsoft’s Next Game Console May Be Called ‘Xbox 8’

So far, most of us have been content with calling the next-generation game console from Microsoft, which is expected to arrive some time next year, as Xbox 720. The only reason why the name probably gained traction was that after Xbox 360, Xbox 720 may have naturally have seemed like the next obvious game console from Microsoft. Now we have got a new name for next Xbox console. Check details below.

However, with the names of the products becoming increasingly important in their advertising as well as branding, Microsoft may after all ditch the whole 720 thing and may go forth with a new name.

This has been hinted by the fact that recently, the tech giant gained the ownership of different domain names from a Chinese cyber firm. The domain names that Microsoft has been able to bag after filing with the National Arbitration Forum, include,,,,, and others.

The acquisition of two domains with Xbox 8 in their URL is quite significant as this points to the possibility that Microsoft may, after all, name its upcoming game console as Xbox 8. This seems quite probably since borrowing half of its name from Windows 8, Xbox 8 may be Microsoft’s way of kicking a tile-interface on its game console.

However, all this remains speculation for now and you can never be sure which way Microsoft may eventually decide. So while so far, all odds have been in favor of ‘Xbox 720’, we can at least add ‘Xbox 8’ to one of the possible names of next Xbox game console.

Source: CNN

Courtesy: Redmond Pie

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