Now You Can Play ‘Minecraft’ In Virtual Reality

If you are one of those crazy Minecraft fans who has been dying to play it with Virtual Reality, then it’s your time! Minecraft has arrived for Samsung Gear VR on April 27th and you can sink yourself in the real time blocky world.

 Now You Can Play 'Minecraft' In Virtual Reality

With its limitless, procedural prompted worlds, it can be the very first virtual reality game along with the capability to complete immerse gamers right away they put on their VR headsets. If you have Samsung’s headset with supported smartphone, then you can start playing right now.

 Now You Can Play 'Minecraft' In Virtual Reality

Mojang declared the immediate release of Minecraft: Gear VR Edition on this Wednesday. It has got as same features as the Pocket Edition had. Besides that, it offers a cross-platform play along with the Pocket and Windows 10 editions. It will cost only $6.99 from Google Play.

The company mentioned that previous Samsung smartphone models might not capable of supporting the long distance or the same resolution as Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7. That does not mean that you can’t play over older models, you just won’t have the same resolution like Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7.

Oculus has made it clear in a blog post that you need to have a gamepad in order to battle, build or roam around the world. So you might want to buy a SteelSeries Stratus XL before buying Minecraft for Gear VR.

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