Nebula One 1.1

ForestKings release Nebula One version 1.1.Nebula is a new space strategy game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Users can do virtual players, strategizing their Starfleet, each attempting to conquer planets and defeat enemies in real time, on their choice of maps by this new version of Nebula One…..

Find out in Nebula One! Choose from 40 galactic maps or submit your own then ply your best strategy to conquer worlds and enemies until they’re all under your rule.The nearest Nebula, an inspiring nighttime sight when the home world was alive, is now your only hope of survival. It is up to you to get the last remaining ships there, in hopes of finding new planets for your people. Nebula One is a real-time, turn based strategy game for up to five people – you and the app’s virtual opponents, where everyone is acting Fleet Commander of their ships. During each turn, players direct their forces to attack hostile alien worlds, conquer unclaimed worlds, teleport behind enemy lines, and re-adjust supplies lines to reinforce planets that need it, as often as necessary.

At regular intervals, turns end automatically, combat is resolved, fleets are moved, and it becomes the next player’s turn. That could mean you or one of the virtual players. If time runs out before you finish implementing your plans within a turn, another Commander may be able to take advantage of a weak point in your strategy. Weakness will not help you make it to Leader of the Universe.Thankfully, you can make fast moves with the Nebula One interface. Just tap selections, drag your ships and start overtaking intergalactic real estate. It’s easy to navigate, a real challenge for your brain and reflexes and produces an adrenaline rush that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Features :

  • More than 40 small, medium and large maps to play on
  • 2 – 5 player maps for a variety of interesting virtual opponents
  • Different planets provide different capabilities creating subtle tactical challenges
  • Unique enemy fighting styles on some maps
  • Simple command interface for directing the flow of ships
  • Flexible command interface – route ships, change your mind, then changing it again
  • Turn updates occurs at regular intervals for a real-time game flavor
  • Option to adjust how often turn updates occur – take your time or explode trying to do everything at once
  • Option to adjust the difficulty to support casual to expert gamers
  • Create your own maps and scenarios to send in for inclusion in the game

Experience this exciting game for yourself and see if you have what it takes to lead your people and conquer planets with a technology option that increases the rate planets repair and produce ships, increases the attack and defense bonus, and increases the damage ships do.

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