Netflix on the PS3

CEO Reed Hastings stated, “Before our next [earnings] call in October, we expect to be launching a major new version of our Sony PS3 user interface which doesn’t require a disc.It is now more pure streaming worldwide…..

Tired of slotting a disc into your PS3 every time you want to watch a streaming Netflix movie or TV show? Soon you won’t have to, as the online video rental service has plans to make Netflix Instant Streaming a native PS3 application by the end of October.

It’s still a pretty big window, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has narrowed down the time until we can expect a disc-free streaming experience on our PS3s from “later this year” to some time before its next earning call, which should happen around October 21. Other notes from the Q2 highlights included a shoutout to Hulu Plus, where Netflix “plans to learn what customers like about Hulu Plus” and use that to enhance its service.

As well as the upcoming launch of a streaming service in Canada, and how the lessons learned may be applied to other “pure streaming” offerings internationally in the future. Investors aren’t too happy the company missed earnings projections, but we’re figuring once they close the ETrade window and pick up a Shockaxis they’ll start to get over it.

So, there you have it. When contacted for comment, PS3’s Hulu Plus app said that it “welcomes the competition for media streaming on PS3 … and prime placement on the XMB.”


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